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Force K60 USB HS OTG port to FS

Question asked by Sebster on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Daniel Chen


I have a customer that has a similar question as in Post: 453444. However my customer is using a K60 (not a K66). His board has a Microchip USB PHY (USB3300) which is connected to the HS OTG port of the K60. The other USB port of the K60 is the FS Host port which is connected to a printer (FS).


He has a PC connected to the Microchip USB PHY (USB3300). 

He is using MQX 4.1 Stack.


The issue he is having is the following:

  1. Some printers (connected to the host FS USB port of the K60) do not enumerate properly
  2. On the K60 USB device port connected to the PC they set the stack for port speed FS.
    1. Protocol Analyzer indicates that PC to K60 USB Device stacks are HS (this is not true!)
    2. Is it possible to FORCE the K60 "Device" port (connected to the PC) to FS?
  3. The PC identifies the K60 USB Device Stack has a HUB
    1. Runs "split" commands
    2. Assumes that the devices behind the HUB are FS, and HUB is HS
    3. Why is this happening?
  4. They are using MQX. And the customer forces in register USBHS_PORTSC1 bit: 24: Port Force Full-Speed Connect  = 1.
    Could you tell me if this register is overwritten somewhere else? If not why is the K60 enumerating to HS with the PC?