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LS2088A QSPI flash corrupting

Question asked by Y 1272 on Oct 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2019 by pradeep TG


I am using MT25Q512A QSPI flash for a custom LS2088A board.I am able to boot the board by flashing PBL and uboot into the QSPI flash.I am using the following partitions in the QSPI Flash:

0x0            -   0xFFFF       --- PBL (64KB)
0x10000    -   0x10FFFF   --- U-boot(1MB)
0x110000  -   0xE0FFFF   --- Kernel(13MB)
0xE10000  -   0xE1FFFF   --- DTB(64KB)
0xE20000  -   0x171FFFF  --- Ramdisk(9MB)
0x2910000 -   0x2E0FFFF  --- MC(5MB)
0x2E10000 -   0x2E1FFFF  --- DPC(64KB)
0x2E20000 -   0x2E2FFFF  --- DPL(64KB)
I am able to flash PBL, Uboot, kernel, MC, DPC, DPL into the flash in U-Boot using sf commands. But when I try to flash the ramdisk it is corrupting the flash and I am unable to boot the board. But when I flash the ramdisk alone without kernel image then it is not corrupting the flash.