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KV58 (KV5x): BME2 - SRAM_U Access

Question asked by lsrbigfoot on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by xiangjun.rong

Bit Manipulation Engine 2 (BME)

In Section (Decorated Load: Load-and-Set 1 Bit (LAS1)) of the detailed KV58 spec (KV5XP144M240RM.pdf), the document describes that the base address for accessing (LAS1s) SRAM_U is 0x2000_0000.


This section is the only one where I see SRAM_U mentioned.

Does the SRAM_U region exist in the KV58 memory map?

If yes, then what is the memory range or how can SRAM_U be accessed?


In the K10/K20, SRAM_U refers to the Upper SRAM bitband region (0x2000_0000 to 0x200F_FFFF).

However the KV58 has Data SRAM (DTCM0 and 1) allocated between 0x2000_0000 and 0x2001_FFFF.


Does this mean that the upper DATA SRAM (DTCM1?) can be bit-banded?