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Problem in connections of IFC

Question asked by Faiz Majeed on Oct 27, 2017
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I am using T1042 processor and trying to interface 3 NOR Flashes with IFC.
1 for booting

2 application flashes

i have select "Mode 0 pin muxing (CSORn[ADM_SHFT_MODE] = 0)" and have some confusion about address shifting scheme. and i am using nor flash which uses (A0 to A26) addresses.

i have three queries about using this all

1) what value should i select in CSORn[ADM_SHFT] register

2) what value should be selected in Reset configuration word (RCW) [cfg_rcw_src [0]_[1:4]_[5:8]

3) which pins can i use for write protect for each chip select

4) which pins can i use for ready/busy 


i am really confused in shifting mechanism of above mentioned two registers.

Do you have any suggestion ??