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MCF52211 - Possibility of USB OTG Function to work without connection to PC

Question asked by Elizabeth Jacob on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by TomE


I understand that MCF52211 microcontroller has the USB OTG feature which I can use to interface USB peripherals. 


I have a USB Touch Screen Display module which I have to integrate to a PCB to generate the touch inputs as RS232 data. USB to Serial Drivers and cables will not work as we will not be connecting the microcontroller to any PC. This RS232 data will be given to external module specific to work in RS232 mode only..


My query is:

a) Can I use MCF52211 to connect the touch screen to the USB port of this chip.

b) is it necessary that the MCF52211 be connected to PC for the USB OTG functionaity to work

b) Will the HNP and SRP protocol be taken care of without using any driver software for USB OTG 

c) Do we have to write any API Calls or USB OTG related configuration for the IC.


Please note that once the IC is programmed, the PCB will no longer be connected to the PC and only the RS232 data output of the PCB will be taken as input to a different module.


Kindly advice.