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Booting from uSDHC1 in i.MX6UL custom board

Question asked by Punit Kumar on Oct 27, 2017
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I've made a custom board using i.MX6UL G2 variant and need to boot OS form uSD card connected to uSDHC1 port.


Following are the pins can be used for card detect function-





EVK board use UART1_RTS_B for card detect function, but as all three are in list, I've connected GPIO1_IO03 in my board and because of what I can't boot from uSD card as the CPU can't detect any card in slot because of this changed CD pin.


I've tried replacing the pin in EVK as well and it's also showing the same behavior.


Now my question is how can I shift the CD function to GPIO1_IO03 so that I can boot from sd card?


Any help is appreciated



Punit Kumar