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Which qe-ucode to use for LS1021A?

Question asked by Nenad Radulovic on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov

SDK: LayerScape LSDK-17.09


There is inconsistency in which ucode file to use for the LS1021A MPU.


The first occurrence of ucode file name is in file manifest/ls1021atwr.manifest. The ucode file is specified as:


The second occurrence of ucode file is in packages/firmware/rq-ucode/readme file:

P1021/P1025:  fsl_qe_ucode_1021_10_A.bin
T104x serial: iram_Type_A_T1040_r1.0.bin
T1024:        iram_Type_A_T1024_r1.0.bin
LS1021a:      iram_Type_A_LS1021a_r1.0.bin


It seems that the manifest file specifies ucode which is for P1021/P1025 MPU, while the readme file in firmware git specifies another one.


Which ucode file to use for LS1021A?


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