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LPC546xx Power-LIB

Question asked by Joachim Beck on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by jeremyzhou


in the users manual UM10912 of the LPC54608 in chapter 8.4 (PowerLib API) there is the following function described:


void CLOCK_SetupFROClocking(uint32_t iFreq);


I am using ARM/Keil and downloaded the actual SDK 2.2 for the LPC54608. It includes the powerlib in ARM version named "keil_lib_power.lib". This library does not contain this function CLOCK_SetupFROClocking.


I can find a function of this name in "drivers\fsl_clocks.c", but this version does something which does not fit to the users manuals description of the register FROCTRL (it uses undocumented fields in the register FROCTRL etc).


My questions:

- Is there somewhere a powerlib which contains this function? The users manual does not explain what has to be done to activate the FROHF clock (48/96MHz), it only refers to the powerlib function  CLOCK_SetupFROClocking.

- In the powerlib of the SDK there exist plenty of functions which are not documented in the users manual. Is there somewhere a documentation of this library?


Thanks for your help!