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please help trouble shoot code_S32DS for MPC5744P

Question asked by Susan li on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Peter Vlna
NXP expert, 
Please help trouble shoot code(a function and its call) below. why I got dutyU, V & W all equal to zero?
And would please provide a piece of suggested code to calculate: 4000*(19661/65535), the 3 numbers for in all integers(uint16), and the result should be integer(uint16) too, for MPC5744P motor control using S32DS.
FLEXPWM_set_duty(19661, 19661, 19661);
tBool FLEXPWM_set_duty(tU16 x, tU16 y, tU16 z){
 tU16 periodCarry, dutyU, dutyV, dutyW;
 dutyU = x;
 dutyV = y;
 dutyW = z;
 periodCarry = 4000; 
 dutyU = (tU16)MLIB_Mul((tFloat)periodCarry, (MLIB_Div_FLT((tFloat)dutyU,(tFloat)65535)));
 dutyV = (tU16)MLIB_Mul((tFloat)periodCarry, (MLIB_Div_FLT((tFloat)dutyV,(tFloat)65535)));
 dutyW = (tU16)MLIB_Mul((tFloat)periodCarry, (MLIB_Div_FLT((tFloat)dutyW,(tFloat)65535)));
at this point, I got dutyU, dutyV, dutyW all equal to zero, but I am expecting them all 1200.
return (TRUE);
thank you very much. 
Susan Li