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mx6q_sabresd_config UART2 abnormal

Question asked by liu yonggang on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by liu yonggang


    The UART2 is dead(It cann't connect terminal and UART2 tx send a byte data continously.),when imx6q UART2 recieves a error data which includes a start bit,8 bits data,no parity,no stop bit.Meanwhile "reboot" command is ineffective,"reboot -f" works.   UART2 works normally,after rebooting the system via "reboot -f".

     I do some work.I reconfigure the register corressponding to UART2(use devmem command) ,when above the problem happens.But it didn't works.I check FRAERREN of UART2_UCR3 disabled.I didn't know why this happened.

     Another question,how to enable UART2 frame error interrupt in UART driver .