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LS1021A-TWR flex-builder fails with mkfw instruction

Question asked by Nenad Radulovic on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Nenad Radulovic

SDK: LayerScape version LSDK-17.09


When invoking flex-builder with:


flex-builder -i mkfw -b sd -B uboot -m ls1021atwr

it fails with the following message:

dd: failed to open 'build/firmware/qe-ucode/fsl_qe_ucode_1021_10_A.bin': No such file or directory


This file is specified in file: manifest/ls1021atwr.manifest.


Quick scan through scripts in tools/ folder shows that there is no mechanism to transfer mentioned file into the path.

Also, Makefile located in packages/firmware folder creates invalid link to file flexbuild/packages/firmware/qe-ucode which does not exists.


Workaround: manually copy the file there.