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LCD_DATA00 to LCD_DATA23 pins for UART7 and UART8

Question asked by Ramgopal Kota on Oct 25, 2017
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We dont want to use LCD in our product. We are using the LCD Data pins as UART7 and UART8 , I2C and SPI.

We have not programmed eFuses and using GPIOs for BOOT_CFG.


As the UART , I2C and SPI pins are BOOT_CFG pins the processor does not boot depending on PIN status.

We dont want to program eFuses as we are buying the Core Module from a 3rd party. (as we may risk warranty etc issues).


We want to use a buffer to tristate the signals at power on and later on use it as device pins..

The buffer planned is txb0108pwr and we want to use POR signal connect to enable of the buffer IC (PIN OE)

Can we use POR signal , so that processor senses the GPIOs on power up ?