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NHS3100 Temp logger not quite working on Galaxy S5

Question asked by Steve Wald on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Steve Wald

We have several NHS3100 tags with which we are experimenting with new firmware for a batteryless use model. Using a Galaxy S4 Active (samsung-sgh-1537), all the functions of the Temperature Logger (v15) demo app work well. But with a slightly newer Galaxy S5 (samsung-sm-g900v), Tlogger (v16) recognizes the NHS tag, but does not take a current temperature or read out any stored data into the graph.

In addition, the TagInfo (V 4.23) app works well with the S4, but the S5, while able to retrieve a full scan, cannot parse the NDEF data and cannot recognize the tag as an NHS Type 2 as the S4A does.

Is there something in the firmware that we need to update or adapt for the newer phones?

We are using LPCXpresso 8.1.4_606 and code derived from the Tlogger sources in SDK release_mra2_10_1_nhs3100.


Update: The S5 must either have a weaker NHS field, or the faster processor (2.5 GHz vs. 1.9 GHz) does not allow the tag to charge up long enough to enable the full message sequence, because either phone can fully read the demo tag using TagInfo with the battery in.