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ADC interrupt not working on S32K144

Question asked by Mohan kumar on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Daniel Martynek



I registered ADC interrupt, but it is never getting triggered.

I have battery input connected to ADC1 with channel 2, I am able to see battery value is changing but there is no ADC interrupt triggered.


ADC1 is the device and channel is 2.


Code Snippet:


ADC_DRV_ConfigConverter(1, &adConv1_ConvConfig0); = 2;


/* Configure ADC channel and software trigger a conversion */
ADC_DRV_ConfigChan(1, 0U, &adConv1_ChnConfig0);
/* Wait for the conversion to be done */
/* Store the channel result into a local variable */
ADC_DRV_GetChanResult(1, 0U, &adcRawValue);




from S32k144.h

ADC0_IRQn = 39u, /**< ADC0 interrupt request. */
ADC1_IRQn = 40u, /**< ADC1 interrupt request. */


/* Install ADC ISR */
INT_SYS_InstallHandler(ADC1_IRQn, &ADCISR, NULL);

/* Enable ADC interrupt */


void ADCISR(void)




Can someone please review this and guide me.