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Whether in i.mx6 USB OTG as device for simultaneous access of emmc and mSD on host PC is supported?

Question asked by Ambika . on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Rita Wang

Dear Community,


We are working on IMX6 SODIMM based board with Linux4.1.15 Yocto Krogoth.



When testing the imx6 device using USB OTG as device, internal (eMMC) and external (micro SD) on the board should be accessible simultaneously on host PC (as like in mobile phones).


We are able to test USB OTG as a device by loading and unloading the USB gadget modules but simultaneous accessing of eMMC and micro SD was not achieved. We have also checked in community discussion but could not able find any discussion on it.


Below are the steps followed with observations,

  1. Connect the USB OTG cable between i.mx6 device and host PC.
  2. Load USB gadget modules for eMMC(/dev/mmcblk1p1), eMMC is detected and is accessible on PC.
  3. For accessing micro SD card on PC, loaded USB gadget module should be unloaded and has to be loaded again for micro SD card(/dev/mmcblk0p1).

Could you please let us know the method to access both eMMC and mSD simultaneously on host PC.
Thanks in advance.