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Thread, join network problem

Question asked by Dmytro Kondrashov on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Alexandru-lilian Natarau


We are struggling with joining Thread network using thread router eligible device example application.

Thread is created on a border router (Mbed Nanostack  mbed 6LoWPAN Border Router HAT | Mbed ), thread end device is NXP KW41Z board. 


after starting thread shell and [thr join] it fails:

$ thr join
Joining network...
Joining a Thread network...
Join failed


after creating thread network on router eligible device and detaching from its own network we can join border router's network


$ thr join
Joining network...
Attached to network with PAN ID: 0x500
Requesting Global Address...


the only difference we see is attribute permitjoin sets to 1 after creating its own network

$ thr get permitjoin
permitjoin: 1


Why is the behavior of router eligible device like that? Maybe we are doing something wrong?
Thank you for help!