Kiran Nagi

USBWiggler with CodeWarrior

Discussion created by Kiran Nagi on Sep 24, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2008 by Pascal Irrle
    I am using Freescale Code Warrior v 8.2 with DSP56F805. I just bought a USBWiggler (from Macraigor systems) for debugging purposes. Even though the Wiggler is properly connected (verified using the JTAG ScanChain Analyzer, OCD Commander and USBDemon Finder), Code Warrior is not able to recognize it and a connection cannot be made. We have used a parallel port wiggler with Code Warrior and it works fine with it. Is there a way to make the usbwiggler work with code warrior? Do I need any patch or plugin to make it work?
Any help will be highly appreciated,
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