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QN908x/KW41Z BLE Health Thermometer collector development

Question asked by seanwu on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Estephania Martinez

Dear sir,


I am developing QN908x/KW41Z BLE Health Thermometer collector to collect temperature from Xiaomi thermometer or Philips ear thermometer.



Now, I am using QN908x/KW41Z health_thermometer_example(peripheral) to send temperature.

And modifying the code of QN908x/KW41Z temperature_collector_example(central) to collect temperature. (Because there is no Health Thermometer collector example in QN908x/KW41Z MCUXpresso SDK, so I am trying to modify the code of QN908x/KW41Z temperature_collector_example)


First, I changed the CheckScanEvent() in temperature_collecotr_example in order to connect to health_thermometer_example.

Ad type is 16bit,

and UUID is gBleSig_HealthThermometerService_d(0x1809).



Now temperature_collecotr_example can connect with health_thermometer_example.


Then it will be into GATT procedure.

I changed BleApp_StoreServiceHandles() in temperature_collecotr_example to store GATT service, characteristic and descriptor.

UUID type is 16bit,

service UUID is gBleSig_HealthThermometerService_d(0x1809),

characteristic is gBleSig_IntermediateTemperature_d(0x2A1E).


I expect that health_thermometer_example will send temperature and notification to temperature_collector_example, and temperature_collector_example will display temperature, but the notification is not enabled actually.


I found that the state is not implemented in BleApp_StateMachineHandler(). So the notification is not enabled, and BleApp_GattNotificationCallback() is not called.

Could you please help me to see the problem, and teach me how to develop the thermometer collector project?




Sean Wu