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Choosing v4l2_subdev or mxc_v4l2_capture / v4l2-int-device For MIPI CSI-2 Interface ?

Question asked by Mustafa Bakırcıoglu on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Joan Xie

Hello guys ;

I have been writing about same issues but I could not get the required advice or idea. I would like to know which device structers should I use for mipi csi-2 camera for camera device driver which will work on imx6q(wandboard quad). I tried the ov5640_mipi.c code as a reference but it did not work, because of the ov5640_mipi is using parallel bus structer but in my camera I will use csi-2 structer ( 4 data lane and 1 i2c clock ) and I will get the video from gstreamer and then stream from Internet. When I googled  about the v4l2 mipi csi-2 it shows me v4l2_subdev structers and all things are changes .I would  change all the code if it is neccessary , but I need to know in which way should  go , in that way  i will avoid from obscurity.  According to the right informationing I will work on the code more efficiently. Unfortunately it takes too much time  if I  try my chance without knowing what is useful or not , what could work or does not effect anything? . If any body has experience about this type camera driver , can give me advice or right knowledge. it would be very appreciated.




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