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Possibility of merging of two upperstream x4 PCIe as x8 PCIe by PCIe switch

Question asked by Nihar Ranjan on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by ufedor

We want to design an SBC based on QORIQ T4160 processor. According to the block diagram attached we wanted to make a provision where we wanted to dedicate ABCD of SerDes3 as permanent x4 PCIe and EFGH as either x4 PCIe or SRIO (as per A.3.3.2 of T4240 reference manual). Through a demux we routed x4 PCIe to PCIe switch. Our concern is, is there a possibility of merging PCIe1 and PCIe2 by PCIe switch as x8 PCIe or whether it is not possible to merge two upper stream x4 PCIe ports. If it is not possible we will used ABCD as x4 PCIe1 and EFGH as x4 SRIO1. Our goal here is to achieve maximum x8 PCIe on SerDes3 when SRIO is not used or x4 PCIe and x4 SRIO as per requirement using demux.