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emWin text not being set correctly

Question asked by elliotrevell-nash on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by soledad


I have been working with emWin and a lpc4088.

I am having a problem with text in widgets not being set correctly.

This seems to be possible on every widget type that I have tried so far.

It can happen with _CreateIndirect and _SetText functions.

What happens is that the text sometimes gets set with extra characters or with characters missing.

Here is an example of a window with several different widgets all showing this problem.

widget text not set correctly


listbox should have several strings in it

button 1 should not have this extra 8

button 2 should not have 1/4

button testing should not have st on the end

listview should have an entry in each cell "pos(x,y)" (where x and y are column and row)

listwheel should have days of the week but Thursday has an extra character


I have attached this example as a zip.


Extra information:

I have reproduced this problem with gcc builds of emWin530 (with and without hardfloat) and emWin538.

I have tried stepping over TEXT_SetText() then TEXT_GetText() and seen that what I get back is not what I tried to set.

I have reproduced this with a single widget in the window. 

Seems more common to get extra characters than to have missing characters.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.