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Old wheel sensor OH186

Question asked by Martin Zhang on Oct 23, 2017

I am not sure whether the Wheel speed sensor OH186 is produced by NXP now. We need to get the datasheet and know the replacement part from NXP.

I find the similar part number OH181 on NXP's website , which is coming from NXP, maybe Philips a long time ago.

I download DN-65 notice - December 31, 2009 from NXP's website.



ref. NXP Website:



At the same time,

I download the pdf OH1xx Types Wafer Fab 05/Jul/2013 from digikey website(

I can know the OH1XX is produced by NXP from 201109002F01_Wafer_Chg.pdf.

But I can't search any datasheet about the OH186.


Anyone can help to provide any information about the product? Thanks.