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MCUXpresso and J-Link debugger

Question asked by Erez Shaul on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by LPCX presso support

Dear NXP,


I am having trouble debugging with the J-link debugger using the MCUXpresso.

Please note that when I am using the old Kinetis Design Studio it is working OK.

Processor: MKL17Z644

MCUXpresso version: 10.0.2

When I am creating a new debug configuration (using the quickstart panel) I am getting the following message:

"No source available for "(gdb[0].proc[42000].threadGroup[i1],gdb[0].proc[42000].OSthread[1]).thread[1].frame[0]"

Please refer to the attached file


Thanks in advance