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Flashing Issue KV10

Question asked by Bele Robert on Oct 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by Bele Robert
  • I Use KDS (Version3.2.0) with Processor Expert. The processor is MKV10Z32 and my emulator is PE Multilink Universal.For the first time, I get a flashing Issue :

    I was able to easily create a project, create and configure LDD Component, Generated software,built the project, and debug software. Then the project is running well on the emulator.

    But, if I flash, I get a File (No source available for "0xfffffffe") and when I reboot(with power on), I get get a programm running with value at zero.

    Nota : If I run the program under emulator, and then I disconnect the emulator without power off/on, the application continue to run well.

    Thanks for help

    Application is an IMU sending data to Teraterm terminal via SCI1.

    Screenshot on emulator (or when I disconnect the emulator without power off/on: Values are OK

    Screenshot on micro after flash and power on: Values are zeros everywhere