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EEPROM Emulation

Question asked by BJ RAJENDRANATH on Oct 21, 2017

Hello all,

I want to do EEPROM emulation on MPC5602P.I had gone through the AN4868 and I tried to implement it on my CodeWarrior platform. And I got EEE_Driver_v1.3.0 and I installed it, which had demo project for MPC5604P. I understood a bit, I just have to fill the data in buffer and then the write and read operations should be done as mentioned in the main file.  As per the suggestion from the post, I modified the settings. I tried flashing to my MPC5602P. Also I created a new project (attached here) and imported all the related files tried to flash it. But my code got stuck in  main() -> "Write eeprom data records". FSL_WriteEeprom is returning 0x0020, which is EE_ERROR_MISMATCH, so it always stuck in that while(stop_flag).

Do I need to modify .lcf file to make it work. If yes try which part I need to edit. Looking forward to see some help.


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