Distance problem - MC13213-SRB

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Hi, I'm working with a Zebra 2411-SM module, which is equipped with a 68HCS908GT60 MCU and with a MC13193 transceiver, and with codebase SMAC.
I've write my application using a MC13213-SRB and I've ported the firmware on the Zebra. Initially it didn't work, but when I set the RXTEN signal on the right pin of the MCU, it start to transmit.
Now I can transmit data, but only in a very short range.
I suppose that there is the same problem with antenna and LNA, and my firmware doesn't activate this elements because they are on the wrong pin of the MCU. I've tried different port but with the same result.
Can anyone help me?
I apologize for my English is not perfect and I hope that my explanation of the problem was clear.

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