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Yocto - Headers for everything

Question asked by Jonas Nyberg on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2017 by Jonas Nyberg

Hi all!


I'm trying to build my own Linux that would include all the headers for the Kernel and all the other packages and software installed.

I've included the SDKIMAGE_FEATURES = "dev-pkgs....." in my local.conf

I've run Bitbake with the -c populate_sdk option


I get all the Kernel headers in the image at the usr/include location. But, for example, for "curl" I can't see any headers or separate folder.

Although, in my local yocto/build/tmp/sysroots/..../usr/include, I can find every header for everything installed.


Is there any way to include all the headers that are found on my local build-computer (tmp/sysroots/...) in my image?


Thanks in advance,