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LPCxpresso : congratulations for the great job and welcome to MCUxpresso

Discussion created by Michel Kuenemann on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Andy Beeson

Hi all,


This time I do not need any support and I have no question to ask neither. ;-)


I am using LPCxpresso since 2012 and I have developped numerous projects based on NXP's Cortex M0, M0+, M3 and M4 processors in this environment.


I am using this environment nearly every day since the beginning.


This IDE is by far the best and the most efficient free microcontroller development environment I had the opportunity to use. I have also numerous LPC link,  probes which are cheap, efficient and reliable.


The only unpleasant aspect of LPCxpresso was the registration mechanism. Not a big deal anyway.


I have recently downloaded MCUxpresso to get support for the most recent LPX84X chips. I tried to compile some test projects, being convinced that the migration could be maybe difficult. To my great surprise, everything went without any problem and all my LPCxpresso project compile without any issue in MCUxpresso. 


MCUxpresso is very efficient and the debugging probes management seems to have been significantly improved.

Code size is unlimited and registration has disappeared. I am using a  4 GHz Core I7 PC: compilation and code download to the target has become even faster and more reliable with MCUxpresso.


One thing to notice: MCUxpresso makes some changes to the .cproject file and compiling again on LPCxpresso is not possible anymore - There are errors during the link phase. This is not a problem for me.


Thanks to all the NXP guys for these great tools and keep on going !


Best regards,

Michel Kuenemann