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KL82 ROM KBOOT - Timeout Exit

Question asked by Radu Toma on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Radu Toma

Hi there,

In my application I am getting into KBOOT by holding down pin 33 (NMI_B), while restarting the board. The BCA config area has been configure with the following parameters:

.tag = 0x6766636B, //!< Magic Number
.crcStartAddress = 0xFFFFFFFF, //!< Disable CRC check
.crcByteCount = 0xFFFFFFFF, //!< Disable CRC check
.crcExpectedValue = 0xFFFFFFFF, //!< Disable CRC check
.enabledPeripherals = 0xE1, //!< Enabled Peripheral: UART
.i2cSlaveAddress = 0xFF, //!< Use default I2C address(0x10)
.peripheralDetectionTimeoutMs = 0x03E8, //!< Use user-defined timeout(ms)
.usbVid = 0xFFFF, //!< Use default Vendor ID(0x15A2)
.usbPid = 0xFFFF, //!< Use default Product ID(0x0073)
.usbStringsPointer = 0xFFFFFFFF, //!< Use default USB String
.clockFlags = 0xFE, //!< Enable High speed mode
.clockDivider = 0xFD, //!< Use clock divider(2)
.bootFlags = 0xFF, //!< Enable communication with host
.mmcauConfigPointer = 0xFFFFFFFF, //!< No MMCAU configuration
.keyBlobPointer = 0xFFFFFFFF, //!< No key blob
.canConfig1 = 0xFF, //!< Use default canConfig1
.canConfig2 = 0xFFFF, //!< Use default canConfig2
.canTxId = 0xFFFF, //!< Use default CAN TX ID(0x123)
.canRxId = 0xFFFF, //!< Use default CAN RX ID(0x321)
.qspi_config_block_pointer = 0xFFFFFFFF, //!< No QSPI configuration

I am wondering how one can get the KBOOT to timeout and start the application. At the moment it doesn't as I can use blhost to talk to it. However it doesn't time out at all. I can wait more than 1s in between queries and nothing happens. (I would expect the KBOOT to timeout as there is no communication.)

Is there something I am missing? How can one get the KBOOT to time out after 1s?

Thank you!