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MCUXpresso SDK / Config Tool for LPC4088?

Question asked by Brendan McDonnell on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by ZhangJennie

Is there an SDK for the LPC4088 / LPC40XX / LPC4000 family? Is the MCUXpresso Config Tool supposed to work with them?


From what I gather (such as from this thread LPC4370), for all LPC micros besides the LPC54000 family, the only code examples / drivers / middleware / etc. that NXP offers is the LPCOpen examples; we're *not* supposed to use the MCUXpresso Config Tool, and we're unable to generate an SDK for them. Is this correct?


If I am correct, please update your resource documentation and links. For instance, the page linked below for an LPC4088-based board links to the MCUXpresso Config Tool and SDK in the "Software and Tools" / "Software Development Kits" section. That is misleading; I wasted time looking at, installing, and experimenting with those tools.


Quickstart Board for LPC4088|NXP