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How do I configure MCUXpresso for FRDM-K66F and recover the FRDM-K66F

Question asked by Tim Janes on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by Alice_Yang

I have been using MCUXpresso with LPC processors, but now need to use a Kinetis processor. 


I have used the SDK builder to download an SDK and installed it into MCUXpresso. I can build a demo application, but when I tried to run it on the FRDM-K66F then the IDE could not find any debugger probe.


I tried following the instruction here What debugger i-face should I use with FRDM-K66F in MCUXpresso IDE  but I did not unsderstand what i was doing and I have ended to making the situation worse in that any boot of the FRDM-K66 just makes another storage device appear on the PC.


It looks as if to recover the FRDM I need a programmer, so I will get another FRDM-K66, but is there a list of simple steps I can follow to correctly setup the FRDM and MCUXpresso to avoid repeating the mistake. 


I am running Window 10, but have easy access to Linux, and could reinstall Win7 if needed.


Thanks for any help.