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Problem in LPC18xx User Manual

Question asked by Alejandro Celery on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Alejandro Celery


I have found an inconsistency in the User Manual for a LPC1857 (UM10430 Rev 3.0).
In p292 it says:
        - ADC0_0 in P4_3::LQFP208::pin 10
        - ADC0_1 en P4_1::LQFP208::pin 3
Then in p328 it says:
        - ADC0_0 en       LQFP208::pin 8
        - ADC0_1 en       LQFP208::pin 4


I have a board made to an altium design, and in the altium symbol the ADC pins are as described in p328. But then I cannot read ADC values in those pins. I have not checked the rest of the channels, my design uses only those two. I have a workaround in my board, I have to solder jumper wires to use channels 3 and 4.

Could you please look into the matter and correct the UM? I haven't found a newer UM or any errata about this.


Best regards!