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ADC_read model error with S32DS 1.2

Discussion created by Ernesto Inoa on Oct 18, 2017


I am going over the excellent videos about Motor Control MBD with the MPC5744. Nevertheless, when I try to build the example shown in the screenshot above I get the following error:


            adc_pnt_library.c:293:5: error: expected expression before '/' token 
            // while(ADC[adc_num]->MSR.B.NSTART == 0){} 

            gmake: *** [adc_pnt_library.obj] Error 1


Although in the Target Compiler Opts of the Configuration block (please refer to screenshot) the system is calling out the C99 ISO standard, the gcc compiler is complaining about the double forward slash being used for comments.  

I am using S32DS 1.2 instead of S32DS 1.1. 

I am attaching the full log of the Code Generation from the Diagnostic Viewer of the model I am trying to build.


 Any ideas will be highly appreciated.





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