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8452 acceleration sensor can not be disabled Z axis data detection

Question asked by Niu NC on Oct 17, 2017

Has anyone used the MM8452Q three-axis acceleration sensor? According to the official reference procedure, I wrote
IIC_RegWrite (0x15, 0xD8)(0x15 indicates the register address, 0xD8 represents the data written), This means that the motion
detection function is turned on, the X and Y axes are enabled, but the Z axis is disabled. In order to verify whether I wrote
success, I read the register IIC_RegRead (0x2A); the register value shown is 0xD8, which looks correct. But I still can
detect the Z-axis data. I hope you can help me, grateful.

 I attached my 51 microcontroller code

Original Attachment has been moved to: MMA852_51.rar