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How to access test flash memory in MPC5643L?

Question asked by Rajakumaran Azhagappan on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by David Tosenovjan


Could anyone help me to access the test flash memory in MPC5643L?


I would like to configure the self test analog watchdog register for ADC for which the calibration values are available in test flash memory.


I have tried the macro "READ_FROM_TF" from the "MPC5643L.h" file with below code. But the macro has not executed successfully, instead the application goes to unknown location.


static uint32 ReadFromTestFlash(void)
uint32 RetVal, SysStatus1, SysStatus2;
SysStatus1 = *((uint32*)(0xC3FD8000UL ));
//Set TFE bit
*((uint32*)(0xC3FD8000UL + 0x0024UL)) |= 0x00000004UL;
SysStatus2 = *((uint32*)(0xC3FD8000UL + 0x0024UL));
READ_FROM_TF(&TestFalshBuf[0], RetVal);
//Reset TFE bit
*((uint32*)(0xC3FD8000UL + 0x0024UL)) &= ~0x00000004UL;