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no RX buffer left by ENET_DRV_ReceiveData(...)

Question asked by Tamas Selmeci on Oct 17, 2017
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I'm using K64F with KSDK-1.3.0 and the supplied FreeRTOS. This is a custom PCB and has an ethernet/PHY interface. The ethernet is also working, the TCP/IP stack being used is the FreeRTOS's own +TCP stack. I'm quite satisfied with it.


If board is placed in a noisy industrial environment, I sometimes (e.g. in each 15-60 minutes) get kStatus_ENET_NoRxBufferLeft when calling ENET_DRV_ReceiveData(...). From this point on the driver goes down and no more ethernet frames appear to be received. I haven't found the exact way to handle this error properly.


I don't know the exact reason to this, perhaps the mentioned noisy industrial environment (several big drilling etc. machines are surrounding). I have never ever seen this issue in any other place, e.g. in the office.


Have you got any idea what shall I do? How can I recover from this error code successfully? Is it worth spending many hours switching to latest KSDK-2.2?


Thanks, regards,

Tamas Selmeci