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Correct way to install  QoriQ SDK2.0-1703

Question asked by Vincent Siles on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov

Hi !

I used to use the SDK1.9 (LS1021a-twr)  without any big issue, and now I'm trying to install the SDK2.0-1703 to update linux kernel, and I have some issues making it work, so I'd like to check if I'm doing things correctly. At the moment:

- I installed the SDK2.0 Source iso

- I installed the SDK2.0 Cache iso

- I installed the SDK2.0-1703 tgz file

- I triggered a fsl-image-full build


And I have quite a lot of errors. As a comparison, I just performed again a full build of the SDK1.9 without any issue.

So to be able to give more meaningful feedback, I'm starting a SDK2.0 SOURCE install, without cache or 1703. I'll update the thread when the installation is done.


So I'd like to know:

- is this way of doing things ok ?

- if I install and build only the SDK2.0 part, can I perform the SDK2.0-1703 update on an existing installation or should I clean it first ?