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Questions about the RTC time is not accurate?

Discussion created by jin cheng xie on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Alexandru Nan

Use the MCU is S32K144

About the RTC configuration is as follows, the clock is 1 KHZ LPO


        Call interrupt processing function (secondsISR) every second, and print the corresponding debugging information。The results found that the print 60 times (1 minute) real time is 1 minutes and 4 seconds, error in 4 seconds.

        At the same time I try to modify the configuration of the structure as shown in the members compensationInterval and compensation to compensate the configuration, but from the point of view of S32 RM which is the maximum compensation - 128 to + 127.

        This is my understanding is there a problem?Or timing error problem is objective existence, that is what's the solution?