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LPCXpresso54628 Workshop in Guatemala City

Discussion created by Eli Hughes Employee on Oct 16, 2017

I just completed a workshop at Galileo University in Guatemala City, Guatemala.   


You can file the workshop code examples here:


GitHub - ehughes/FIT2017_LPC54628: This repository contains examples used at FIT2017 


There is a free graphics library included in the example code.  It is a simple library but can do basic font rendering,  graphics operations and DMA based image copying.   There are some utilities for getting .png images into the SPIFI FLASH and generating fonts (also stored in SPIFI)     The students had a great time playing the the DMIC.  There will be a competition on Wednesday to see what people can come up.



SRC/Demo 1 - Drag The Monkey

This example shows how to read the touchscreen and do some basic graphics manipulation. The audio CODEC is configured to generate a 2KHz tone from the headphone jack. Samples are read from the CODEC ADC for the user to experiment with.


SRC/Demo 2 - DMIC Visualizer

Samples From the digital microphone are stored in a buffer and displayed real-time to the screen


SRC/Demo 3 - Audio Spectrum Analyzer.

A frequency spectrum of the digital microphone is displayed real-time on the screen


SRC/Demo 4 - Starfield

The Starship Enterprise flying through space!