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Porting Wifi qca_demo from FRDM-K64F to TWR-K64F120M

Question asked by Gustavo Costa on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Hui_Ma

Hello there,


I'm trying to port the qca_demo from the FRDM-K64F  to work with the TWR-K64F120M. I tried to follow the document AN11981 - QCA4002/4 KSDK Porting Guide ( but the difference was too big, and I could not make it work.


For instance, I'm using MCUXpresso IDE; KSDK 2.2 for TWR-K64F120M; and SX-ULPAN-2401-EVK.


Also, when I plug my SX-ULPAN-2401-EVK with the TWR-SER, the orange LED (green +red) lights up, which means "Power supplied but SX-ULPAN powered off" accordingly with Sílex product specifications. Is there any conflict between these two boards? 


Any tips to follow that would get me through it?


Thank you very much.


Gustavo Costa

R&D Engineer