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c293 custom board u-boot can not show up

Question asked by depeng shan on Oct 15, 2017

we have got two same version c293 custom board, board 1 can work normally, when connecting USB tap through jtag, run the command "source c:/c293_board_recover/c29x_ddr.tcl" in ccs, the u-boot can show up, like attchment board1_ccs.txt.

but another board 2, if we run the same command, the u-boot can not show up,like attchment board2_ccs.txt. it seem write some bytes into the DDR, but not all of it. like 

writing 65536 bytes to 11000000 ...000011000000: 27051956 552d426f 6f742032 3031332e '..VU-Boot 2013.
000011000010: 30342d30 30303133 2d673139 30636532 04-00013-g190ce2
000011000020: 3920284a 756e2030 34203230 3133202d 9 (Jun 04 2013 -
000011000030: 2031323a 31393a30 38290000 00000000 12:19:08)......

by the way , the two board have the same POR setting and have the same hardware design. the clock and voltage measurement seem ok for all the two board. Can you please advice what is wrong? thanks in advance!!

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