Marcio L. Carleto

I can´t make my eternal floating classic CodeWarrior´s license work

Discussion created by Marcio L. Carleto on Oct 16, 2017

I´m using Windows 10, Linux Server and CW 5.1 version for S12X family microcontroller (PN: MC9S12XDP512) and my company bought this license few months ago. It was correctly generated, instaled on Server (pointed to server name, MAC address and port) and I have added a environment variable pointed to metroworks. Finally I think I did everthing right, but until now, when I go to debug mode, I allways have this HI-WAVE that says my code is limited to 32768 bytes limited.


I´ve opened couple of cases to NXP help me to solve this issue before but until now no progress or effective support at all.


So, I do not know where else to run. Is anyone there who can help me or at least give me some tips?