Paul Vlase

Basic/Advanced options for Model-Based Design Toolbox S32K1xx

Discussion created by Paul Vlase Employee on Oct 16, 2017



In the latest release of Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K 3.0 the UI of the blocks has been redesigned to split the available parameters into two groups called Basic and Advanced.



The Basic options are expected to be used most often, covering simple use cases. For example in case of FlexCAN module you can implement out of the box a simple CAN communication using Mailboxes.



The Advanced options cover more advanced use cases. In case of FlexCAN module you can use the CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN-FD) protocol, receive messages through Rx FIFO, or configure Pretended Networking. To enable the Advanced options you only have to check Show advanced options.


We did this split because we don't want the users that try for the first time our toolbox to feel intimidated by the vast set of options available to configure a module. And in case of more accustomed users to not clutter the interface, still offering a way to use the microprocessor at its full capacity.



We really appreciate the feedback and interest you are showing towards this toolbox.