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Problem for PIT of MPC5744P

Question asked by nathan 米 on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by nathan 米

I want to use the PIT module of MPC5744P.

The project is attached.

The relevant configuration of PIT is as follows:


 MC_CGM.AC3_SC.B.SELCTL = 0x01;    //connect XOSC to the PLL0 input 


// Set PLL0 to 200 MHz with 40MHz XOSC reference
PLLDIG.PLL0DV.R = 0x3002100A; // PREDIV = 1, MFD = 10, RFDPHI = 2, RFDPHI1 = 6


MC_CGM.SC_DC0.R = 0x80030000;    // PBRIDGE0/PBRIDGE1_CLK at syst clk div by 4(50 MHz)


After the configuration, the clock for PIT I think is 50MHz. And then, the code for PIT is as follows: 


PIT_0.TIMER[0].LDVAL.R = 50000000-1;   // setup timer 0 for 1sec period


But when I try to debug the project, it turns out that the period of PIT is 2 sec.


 Is there any mistakes in my configuration? Or some other problems I did not notice?


Thank you.

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