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I2C of MPC5748G

Question asked by 强 孟 on Oct 15, 2017

There are four lines I2C in MPC 5748G. Now,I have a MPC5748G and two MCP4725. I use the I2C_2(PE9_SCL, PE8_SDA) for one MPC4725 that one's address ox62. And use the I2C_3(PE10_SCL, PE11_SDA) for one MPC4725 that other's address ox63. Then I want to get two outV. I meet tow question.

  1.   It is not working that I used the I2C clock. I can't get varying voltage on pin PE9_SCl and PE10_SCL.
  2. If I want to make MPC5748G became the mater, the address of MPC5748G how to get.

This is my procedur belowing.