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TJA11100 pin strapping issue

Question asked by Wayne Kuo on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by Martin Kovar

Hi Expers,


I'm new on TJA1100, and I have question on pin strapping.


As datasheet description on section 6.11, TJA1100 will detect CONFIG0, CONFIG1, CONFIG2, CONFIG3, PHYAD0, and PHYAD1 while power-on or H/W reset to configure operation mode and PHY address.
These pins are also use for RXD2, RXD3, RXER, RXDV, RXD0, and RXD1 on MII mode.

As TR1329 EVM board reference design, these pins are connect to MCU/MPU MII interface and also connect to JP16 ~ JP20 to set pull-up/upll-down.


My question is:
1. Are these pull-up/pull-down designs necessary?
2. If not, dose TJA1100 have default operation mode and PHY address? What are the default setting?


Best Regards,
Wayne Kuo