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How to reset MMPF0100Z PMIC to its defined default output voltages on-fly

Question asked by Purusottam Sarangi on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by G.w. Sun

I want to operate PMIC in following manner.

Step1: Power on – all power rails on.

Step2: SoC programs PMIC through I2C to shut down SW2, SW2 whereas remaining power rails are on.

Step3: I2C power was running on SW1 now want to switch-off SW1, hence no more I2C is active.

Step4. However SoC has some mechanism to send an acknowledgement to PMIC. With this signal, I want to get all output voltage rail from PMIC to its defined default state within certain millisec.

Want to know how to use MMPF0100Z PMIC for our application.

How to reset PMIC to its default value on fly?


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