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iMX6ULL tech ref manual efuse and ocotp are the same?

Question asked by DJ Regan on Oct 13, 2017
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In IMX6ULLRM... Chapter 38 (covering the OCOTP) has a statement... "In this document, the words 'eFuse' and 'OTP' are interchangeable. OCOTP refers to the hardware block itself.".


So... thinking back to Chapter 5 (covering the Fusemap)...

Does that mean that the absolute address of every fusemap address mentioned within Chapter 5 actually falls inside of the AIPS-2 memory map range allocated to the OCOTP_CTRL 16kB range beginning at 0x021B C000?


What I'm really trying to understand is... what are the various IMX6ULL absolute addresses that can be used to reach the fusemap bits discussed in Chapter 5, specifically:





0x6D0[31:0] these efuse registers map only to absolute addresses:

0x021B C450

0x021B C460

0x021B C470

0x021B C6D0



Thanks much in advance,

--DJ Regan