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Using ETM on iMX53 QSB

Question asked by Zhenyu Ning on Oct 13, 2017
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I am trying to enable the ETM on the iMX53 qsb. From the manual, i see that the trace stream is outputted to both ETB and TPIU via an ATB replicator. Since i am not using an external debugger, i am going to read the trace stream from the ETB. However, after i configure the ETM according to section 3.5.7, and enable the ETB according to ARM Information Center, I cannot get any output from the ETB. The reading to the ETB Read Data Register always returns 0xFFFFFFFF. Is that due to the ATB replicator? Is there anyone happen to know how to use the ETM on the iMX53 qsb?


Thanks for any help and discussion!