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Using SAI2 root clock for SAI1

Question asked by Olivier Valentin on Oct 13, 2017
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I would need to have different sample rates for SAI1_RX and SAI1_TX, so I am trying to use SAI2 clock for one of them, as proposed in I2Sx_xCR2/MSEL.


Unfortunately, this leads to a silent clock and no transfer.

The documentation states (Ref Manual p4327) "Depending on the device, some Master Clock options might not be available. See the chip-specific information for the availability and chip-specific meaning of each option."


So my question is twofold:

- Is it legal to attempt to use SAI2 root clock for one of SAI1 streams ?

- Where may I find the "chip-specific information" for i.MX7D?


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